Estonian Express

Cargobus Express is a unique parcel delivery service which offers parcel deliveries across Estonia within a few hours. The frequency of delivery options is what makes it special - you can send parcels from Tallinn to Tartu more than 20, to Pärnu more than 15, and to Narva more than 12 times a day. The parcel can be delivered to another Cargobus terminal, to any bus stop or to the Recipient's address. To make a delivery, please contact the nearest Cargobus terminal or order a courier.

Weight upto   
0,5kg 3,30
1kg 3,50
2kg 4,20
5kg 4,80
10kg 5,80
15kg 6,50
20kg 7,00
30kg 10,00
40kg 12,00
50kg 18,00
60kg 20,50
70kg 22,50
80kg 25,50
90kg 29,50
100kg 35,00
Next day service   
150kg 50,00
200kg 70,00
300kg 95,00
500kg 110,00
half pallet ~200kg* 24,00
pallet ~500kg* 45,00
Special handling (read more) 3,00
Delivery collected by Recipient 3,00
Pallet packaging 30,00

All prices include VAT. There will be no additional price for fuel!

The delivery may consist of several parcels. One parcel can be upto 30 kg, the sum of all sides is 3 m, the longest side is upto 2 m. Heavier parcels can be delivered on previous agreement or if the Recipient collects the parcel. Parcel service for parcels of heavy weigth, special measurements or special treatment terms (food, flowers, furniture etc) will be provided on request with pre-agreed prices. Be sure to pick solid packaging for transportation, add the contacts of the Sender and the Recipient and warning symbols, if necessary.