Cargobus has set the following long-term co-work and support projects:

  supporting the employees at work and in personal life

There has been some fuss about the support of quitting smoking, which actually for many has been the last big step towards a cigarette-free life.

  supporting FC Suema Cargobus 

FC Suema Cargobus has participated in many competitions and hosted an internal Cargobus Cup tournament. Every season they have received supplies necessary for training and competing.

  Supporting the botanical gardens of Tallinn and University of Tartu

Cargobus hosts charity auctions to promote green thinking and support the botanical gardens. Parcels that would otherwise be destroyed will be put up for auction at The opening bid is 10 cents and the auctions last for 7 days.

In addition, for decades, Cargobus PLC has been a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Association of Estonian International Road Carriers.