Finland and Helsinki

The price is per 1 shipment from Cargobus terminal to Finnish address or from Finnish address to Cargobus terminal. Departures every work day. The estimated delivery time is 1-2 work days for Helsinki and 2-4 work days for rest of Finland. In Helsinki and the rest of Finland the parcel will be delivered to and picked up from the Recipient's address.

Parcel weight upto    Helsinki (postal code 00-10) Rest of Finland
0,5kg  21,00 24,00
1kg 22,00 25,00
2kg  23,00 26,00
5kg 24,00 27,00
10kg 26,00 29,00
15kg 28,00 32,00
20kg 30,00 34,00
30kg 33,00 37,00
40kg 37,00 60,00
50kg 40,00 66,00
60kg 42,00 72,00
70kg 45,00 78,00
80kg 48,00 84,00
90kg 50,00 90,00
100kg 54,00 96,00
half pallet ~200kg from Tallinn* 48,00 72,00
pallet ~500kg from Tallinn* 60,00 96,00
Special handling (read more) 3,00
Pallet packaging 30,00

All prices don´t include VAT 20%. There will be no additional price for fuel!

The sum of parcel sides is upto 300cm and length of the longest side is upto 200cm. For lightweight parcels there will be used volume weight recalculation 1m3=200kg. Be sure to pick solid packaging for transportation, add the contacts of the Sender and the Recipient and warning symbols, if necessary.