Holiday surprises from Lithuania

Shakotis is a traditional Lithuanian cake that has been popular ever since Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth times in the 16th century - and we know why! 

The name 'shakotis' means 'branching' which gives a pretty good description of the 'fir-cake'. The cake is baked in a special oven by continuously rotating and spattering the dough in layers. According to request cakes in many different sizes with ornaments can be made. Sometimes chocolate or flowers are used for decorating the cake, but most often a special glaze, that adds to the tase and provides a beatiful shine, is used. Shakotis is also called the 'King of Cakes'. The biggest known cake made was 2.3 meters high and weighted 65 kg. Fir-cake contains flour, sugar, eggs, margarine, cream and red palm oil.

Shakotis is the most important dessert in Lithuanian wedding and birthday parties and on Easter and Christmas. One of the reasons for that might also be its long storage time. Shakotis is an attractive gift valued by anyone with a sweet tooth. You can purchase such a unique and delicious gift from Cargobus terminal at Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Narva, Rakvere, Jõhvi, Sillamäe, Kuressaare,Võru, Valga, Paide, Haapsalu or Rapla.

We wish you sweet holidays!