Service Policy

1. Service Policy shall serve as the basis for the terms and conditions of services provided by Cargobus.
2. When providing shipping services, Cargobus particularly emanates from the CMR convention and Law of Obligation Act, as well as other laws of the Republic of Estonia.
3. The Sender must write the names, addresses with index and telephone numbers of both the Sender and the Recipient on the packaging as well as add warning signs when necessary.
4. The Sender shall bear responsibility for the packaging of parcels and must pack the parcel by taking into account the type of the parcel so that the contents would not move, no parts of it would stick out and could not be damaged by pressure, handling and transport. The packaging has to make it impossible to reach the contents without damaging the packaging. The packaging must ensure that its contents are protected from partial loss and damage and would not cause harm to other parcels, transport vehicles, environment or the health of people handling the parcel. The representative of Cargobus shall be entitled to refuse any parcels that do not conform to the aforementioned terms and conditions.
5. The parcel has to reach the dispatch terminal at latest 15 minutes before the departure time of the carrier. The parcel will be handed out at the destination terminal at latest 30 minutes after the carrier has reached the destination.
6. It is prohibited to send: radioactive, caustic, inflammable, toxic, odoriferous or soiling substances; containers filled with liquid which are not tightly closed and packaged in a breaking-proof manner; money, bonds, coins, precious metals and stones; securities; live animals, birds, fishes, insects; sharp and cutting items without a special packaging; alcohol; tobacco products; narcotic substances, ammunition, explosives, arms and parts thereof. In the event of international shipping operations, it is forbidden to send parcels of which the exportation from the country of consignment and importation to a country of destination is forbidden. Cargobus shall not be responsible for parcels with prohibited content. Cargobus shall have the right to neutralise and destroy parcels, which pose a risk to other parcels, the property of Cargobus or of third persons or their health or the environment. The Sender shall undertake to compensate for any damage or cost incurred by Cargobus in connection with the aforementioned prohibited or hazardous parcels.
7. The Sender shall undertake to inform the Recipient of the arrival of the parcel and ensure the collection of the parcel by the Recipient within a reasonable period of time, taking into account the time of the arrival of the parcel at the destination and the handling.
8. In the event of issuance from the bus, the Sender shall ensure the reception of the parcel by the Recipient at the expected time of arrival of the bus at the destination, or in case the bus is late due to weather conditions, a technical failure, traffic accident or for other reasons, at the time of the actual arrival of the parcel. Cargobus shall not be responsible for delivery of the parcel to the Recipient in case the Recipient fails to appear at the destination of the bus at the abovementioned time. The Sender shall pay all expenses accompanying the return, storage, handling, etc. of the parcel.
9. The services of Cargobus shall be paid for on the basis of the price list established by Cargobus. The price lists shall be available at the terminals of Cargobus and on the website
10. The shipping costs of a parcel shall comprise of formalising fee, carriage charge, handling fee, storage fee for up to 24 hours. Additional services ordered such as: courier service, insurance, packaging, storage, etc., shall be paid for additionally.
11. Cargobus is not obliged to hand the parcel over to the Recipient before it has been paid for or the payment is done with client contract. If the Recipient refuses to pay, the Sender is obliged to pay all the accompanying costs.
12. A parcel shall be delivered to the Recipient for signature, based on an identity card with a photo (passport, driver's licence or ID card) or other information that enables to identify the Recipient (valid customer card, power of attorney, security code of the parcel).
13. In case of using a courier service, if the delivery fails, the courier will call the Recipient or leave a notification of visit and the parcel will be taken to the nearest Cargobus terminal. The Sender or the Recipient may order a new delivery for additional cost.
14. The shipment shall be considered late if the parcel has not arrived to the destination terminal within 24 hours in case of domestic carriage; and in case of international carriage, within 72 hours as of the date expected at the time of the formalisation of the shipment.
15. The parcel shall be considered lost if the time limit for the delivery to the destination is overdue 4 days in case of domestic carriage and 30 days in case of international carriage.
16. If the damage of the parcel or the packaging thereof is noted by the Recipient at the time of receipt, an application must be made by the Recipient upon receipt at the latest, by specifying the damage. Otherwise, it shall be proven that the Sender has received the parcel in a good condition and in the quantity noted in the accompanying document. In case it was not possible to detect the damage upon normal receipt of the parcel, the Recipient shall have the right to submit a claim to Cargobus.
17. All complaints and claims regarding damage, loss or delayed delivery of parcel must be submitted to Cargobus in writing within 7 days. Along with the claim the damaged parcel with its packaging must be provided for expert assessment.
18. In the event of compensation of the damaged parcel or the parts thereof by and at the expense of Cargobus, the property rights of the parcel shall be transferred to Cargobus. The compensation may take the form of restoration, replacement or monetary compensation. Cargobus has the right to decide the compensation form.
19. Cargobus shall assume responsibility for the damage or loss of the parcel pursuant to the CMR Convention and the Law of Obligations Act in the amount of up to 8,33 SDR per kilogramme of the gross weight of the damaged or lost parcel. SDR is an IMF Special Drawing Rights quote and the amount thereof depends on the published exchange rate on the website of IMF. The insurance of the carrier’s liability of Cargobus shall cover the damage or loss of the parcel, taking into account the abovementioned limit.
20. In the event of loss or damage of the parcel, Cargobus shall compensate for the loss or damage, taking into account the limit specified in clause 19 and cost of the parcel in case of additional cargo insurance. Other damages, like loss of profit, non-proprietary or moral damage, shall not be compensated.
21. Cargobus shall be released from responsibility if non-fulfilment or inadequate fulfilment of its obligations was caused by force majeure. The following shall be considered as force majeure: floods and other extreme weather conditions; fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters; traffic jams, traffic pauses, failure of a vehicle, redirections caused by roadwork or accidents, robberies, terrorist acts and activities related to the management thereof, riots, strikes, war, activities of authorities, amendment of legislation hindering the proper fulfilment of the contract and other extraordinary events, the existence or the consequences thereof Cargobus could not foresee or avoid at the time of the conclusion of the contract or the receipt of the parcel from the Sender.
22. Cargobus shall be released from responsibility if the damage or loss of the shipment is caused by one of the following risks: absence of packaging; deficient or defective packaging; handling or loading of the shipment by the Sender, Recipient or persons who act on behalf of the Sender or the Recipient; incompleteness of the labelling of the parcel or inconformity thereof; natural features of a certain parcel as the result of which it may be damaged, particularly due to breakage, functional disorders, corrosion, spoiling, drying, leakage or natural loss.
23. Parcels shall be stored for up to 1 month, highly perishable parcels for up to 3 days. Returned parcels shall be handed over to the Sender at the dispatch terminal after payment of respective carriage and storage fees. Cargobus shall act pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act and on the basis of the “Procedure for the Opening and Destruction of Parcels” of Cargobus.

Cargobus shall reserve the right to amend this Service Policy and price lists.

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