Short ordering number 17799

17799 - a number we hope soon will be one of the best known short numbers in Estonia. At least in the parcel delivery business :-)

It is the new Cargobus short ordering number, where you can get all the answers to questions regarding parcel delivery conditions, times and prices. No premium-rates are charged when calling the line, just your usual local call rate. The most important thing is that over this number you can place courier and parcel service orders across Estonia. Until now, the service phone network at Cargobus consisted of ca 40 desk or mobile phones, which were at times quite difficult to manage. Step-by-step we are centralising the service on the one short number which will allow us to boost the quality of costumer service to a whole new level. 

In the future we plan to change 17799 into a powerful call center where inquiries will be handled professionally or forwarded. Today already, when you need a courier or information on parcel delivery, all you need to do is dial 

Lühinumber 17799